Friday, May 15, 2009

friday creative

welcome to a new feature here at the carly tee blog called friday creative. every friday there will be a new creative photo project because i know we all have tons of photos sitting around collecting dust. hopefully these projects will inspire you to take your wonderful photos out of their sad piles and show them the beautiful light of day.

let's get started...

today's friday creative is a simple photo clothesline, inspired by a mega full-room version i had in college and a creating keepsakes article from february 2009 which reminded me what a cute idea it was.

-patterned paper

how to:
-cut patterned paper to fit front & back of clothespins. remember to measure twice and cut once, (seriously this works).
-adhere paper to clothespins with gluestick and lightly sand edges.
-create clothesline on wall by just cutting twine to desired length and attaching with tacks (the round metal tacks are especially cute in a fun office supply kinda way).
-add photos.
-wasn't that ridiculously easy? and you can change out photos with the season. mine are just a few of my current spring favorites.

have fun!
xo, carly

p.s. need a great place to pick up supplies, head to treasury of memories.


Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

love it! :) E

Samantha Seholm said...

Great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tammy T said...

So cute! And I love the photos of puppy!