Friday, May 22, 2009

friday creative

today's friday creative was my adorable husband's idea...we found this old vise (while shopping for another friday creative project that i have up my sleeve) and he said sweetly "wouldn't this make a cool photo holder?" well what a wonderful idea adorable husband! i think he wanted me to make it for him but i had to share the idea with you first, especially because i think it makes a wonderful father's day gift!

-tabletop vise (local girls check out the re-store for a vintage version, look for a new one at sears & maybe peek at other tools that might may awesome photo holders)
-chipboard (find this at treasury of memories)

how to:
-cut chipboard the same size as photo (a rotary paper trimmer works great for this).
-use gluestick to adhere photo to chipboard.
-sand the edges of photo & chipboard as desired.
-place in vise (or other cool tool) and admire your handy work!

xo, carly

p.s. thanks to miss kim for letting me use my buddy's photo. much love to you both!


Tammy T said...

Very cool look! Nice job Shaun...and I love that photo of little mr. konnor...


Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

So impressed with Mister Creative...way to go Shaun!

Nurse Katie said...

Shaun im so impressed... i NEED one... where would one go about finding vintage table vise in the seattle area any ideas? i dont know any re-store