Friday, May 29, 2009

friday creative

today's friday creative involves office supplies and for those of you that don't know me yet, you will soon learn that i love office supplies! today we are making binder clip photo holders, it's a super easy and brilliant idea that i've seen around but it was most recently suggested to me by my wonderful friend elizabeth. she is the owner of treasury of memories, the most fantastic store where you go to get lots of the supplies for our friday projects like patterned paper, gluestick, etc.

-large binder clips
-patterned paper

how to:
-cut your patterned paper to fit your binder clips.
-adhere paper to clips with gluestick.
-sand edges lightly.
-place photo in clip. and ta-da!

happy friday!

xo, carly


Tammy T said...

So sweet and simple lady! I love it!

I'm enjoying your Friday Creatives!


this sweet beautiful mess said...

i LOVE this idea--& the vise---& the clothespins!!! seriously!! we should just call you "carly creative."

love you.