Friday, June 19, 2009

friday creative

here is the second idea from the farm chicks antique show (and really the wonderful brain of my friend tammy t), folding ruler photo holders! supplies:
-folding ruler (vintage rulers are pretty easy to find at shows & stores but you can still buy new ones too at hardware stores & online)
-cardstock for backing photo(s)

how to:
-mat/back photo(s) on cardstock (this will help your photo(s) stand up in the ruler, especially if you have a vintage ruler that has a little less tension than it used too).
-open the ruler as much as desired and place photo(s) in fold(s).
-easy right?!

does this friday creative seem suspiciously like last week's only with a ruler and not a frog? hum...i guess i really like photo holders!

have a great day everyone!
xo, c

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Tammy T said...

Love the pictures of Shaun with your sweet baby! This looks the way you styled it!