Friday, July 10, 2009

friday creative

this week i did something kinda nutty, kinda crazy and out there...a frame! ok, so it's not crazy at all but since i'm usually a little bored with frames, i did dress it up a bit with some vintage sheet music. and the paper part of this project is where i think you can get super creative...there's vintage sheet music like i used, or cute scrapbooking paper from treasury of memories, dictionary paper, vintage labels, fabric, pages from a textbook (my dad has been saving his college textbooks and while i hate to tell him that they are no longer reference material at least now they make awesome craft supplies)...the options are endless!

-frame (i used a 5x7)
-photo (i used a wallet-sized print)
-some "fun" paper like vintage sheet music
-photo corners
-photo safe adhesive
how to:
-cut your "fun" paper to fit frame.
-attach photo corners to photo and adhere to "fun" paper.
-clean glass and put everything in frame.

xo, carly

p.s. that's my little buddy konnor in the frame when he was a newborn. i couldn't resist using that sweet pic because we are getting ready to take his 2-year-old portraits soon. love you konnor!

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Tammy T said...

I can't believe he is almost 2! Let me know when you need the big red number.

This is really gorgeous carly!