Friday, August 7, 2009

friday creative

today's project includes a product that i truly love for it's amazing versatility, iron-on transfer paper! i really always have ink jet transfer paper around because you can make the cutest (and one of a kind) photo projects like little baby onesies, canvas bags, aprons, tank tops, pillows, tea towels, t-shirts (since i think that's what they are intended for) and really the options are endless!supplies:
-ink jet transfer paper (like avery brand)
-project to transfer on (like onesie, canvas bag, etc.)
-ink jet printer

how to:
*make sure to follow the directions that come with your specific transfer paper but in general...
-choose photo & print, making sure to print the reverse image so any words & text will iron on in the correct direction (many printers even have the option of "transfer paper" under media type and this will flip the image automatically).
-trim off excess transfer paper around image.
-pre-heat iron with no steam and iron-on image, following packaging directions.
-fun right? and it's really easier than it looks. once you do one, you'll be making bunches. i'm starting a little factory as we speak (just kidding).

happy friday!

xo, carly


Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

so stinkin' cute! :)

Tammy T said...

Okay, you make it sound so easy I may try this! Super cute!


katie said...

AAAAWWWWWW!!!! Too, too cute.
What a great idea.
Had forgotten that possibility!!!
Love it!