Friday, August 28, 2009

friday creative

this friday creative is a great idea from creating keepsakes magazine (though i can't remember when i saw it, sorry ck). it is a cool way to use acrylic stamping blocks to make a quick, clear frame, (i know you can buy clear frames but they always seem chintzy and cheesey and this is so solid and cool).supplies:
-acrylic block (they come in a variety of great sizes including 4x6)
-liquid adhesive that dries clear (i tested a few and my favorite was Ranger's Glossy Accents)
-a photo cut to fit your block

how to:
-apply adhesive to acrylic recommended applying adhesive just to the outer edges of the photo but i found i had better luck applying adhesive to the whole acrylic block and then pressing the photo onto the block. make sure to press out all the air bubbles and then let dry.
-that's all!

happy friday!
xo, carly
p.s. stay tuned to a few fun website & blog changes this weekend. i'm feeling excited for fall.


Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

so cute!

kimee said...

such a cute idea. by the way, i am loving the new banner and the new pictures on your website. miss you!