Sunday, September 27, 2009 sunday creative?

so i'm a little late this week but i can explain! a lot of you know that my second job & home, treasury of memories is closing so that is taking up a lot of my time. but let's talk more about that later because the second reason i'm late is much happier, i've been super busy taking photos of some really cute new friends! i can't wait to share some new photos soon, i know i'm so terribly behind on blogging. i promise i will catch up this week but now let's get back to our regularly scheduled program...

it's our last week of celebrating september, getting organized and displaying photos with bulletin boards. i hope you've had as much fun as i've had. and maybe you've even gotten a little bit organized. today's bulletin board is super fun, though i have to admit it takes a bit more time then some of our previous ones...a wine cork bulletin board!

-frame with backing (i used a 11x14)
-lots of wine corks
-strong liquid adhesive (like quick grip)
-cutting board
-sand paper
-straight pins (or decorative push pins)

how to:
-cut corks in half to start and "practice" laying them in the frame.
-then cut corks more if needed or sand down ever so slightly until they fit as desired (this is where the "takes a bit more time then some of our previous ones" comes in).
-when you've got the arrangement down, adhere to corks to backing with quick grip. set aside to dry.
-ta-da! now you're ready to use your wine cork bulletin board! so cute right?! and totally worth the work.

happy sunday!
xo, carly


Stefanie said...

I love all your cute projects, Carly! Thanks for taking the time to post them.:)

Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

i love it! so polished looking in the black frame! :)