Friday, October 16, 2009

friday creative

today's project is another fast & fun one, another funky twist on a traditional frame...a tin case
-tin case*
-adhesive (temporary if you want to be able to change photos out)
-photos (big enough that you can trim down to fit in case because most likely your case will be an odd size)
-paper trimmer (to crop down photos)

how to:
*so here's the story on the tin case...the cases are really made for storage of little crafting goodies and come with small round containers inside. i happen to have a bunch of empty cases around my house because i've used the little containers for other projects like party favors & such but check out vintage shops & ebay for empty cases like mine. or purchase new ones online. anyway...
-crop photos to fit inside case (and remember measure twice & cut once).
-adhere photos to case and ta-da! cute & funky right?

happy friday!
xo, carly


Tammy T said...

So cute! And I love the photos of your groovy colored pumpkins!

Hope you are feeling much better!


kimee said...

such a clever idea. i have one of those tins...i'm thinking birthday gift! thanks for the great ideas. oh yeah, i miss you too!

alissa said...

super cute, pretty girl! what a great idea. i got a couple of those at ckc last fall. mine are designed for dvd storage.