Friday, November 20, 2009

friday creative: holiday edition #4

today's project is a holiday tradition in our house, photo ornaments! it is a super fun idea from the treasury girls a few years ago and we add to our collection each year. i've also made whole sets to give as
-craft glass ornaments
-double-sided adhesive & adhesive dots (like Glue Dots)
-photos (printed on lighter weight paper and sized to fit inside ornament, mine are 1x1.5)

how to:
-adhere photos (or photo and message) back to back with ribbon between.
-remove top of ornament, roll photos gently and insert into ornament.
-use the end of paintbrush (or chopstick, pencil, etc) to unroll the photo inside the ornament, making sure to keep the end ribbon outside the ornament.
-adhere the ribbon to the top, outside of the ornament with an adhesive dot and trim off excess ribbon. Replace the metal top.
-ta-da! isn't it cute?!
happy friday!
xo, carly

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