Friday, January 8, 2010

friday creative: love edition #1

so here is the first of six friday creative: the love editions, i'm so excited! our first love project is photo cupcake toppers and with today's project i had the extra fun excuse of baking red velvet cupcakes as a "craft project" and not just because i needed a sugar fix (which i did because i always do)! today i'm also super excited to be offering you my very first pdf goodie (see supplies) and i hope you like it!
-photos (i recommend wallet sized)
-patterned paper
-circle punches (i used a plain 1.75" & a scalloped 2" punch but you could also just cut squares with a paper trimmer)
-cupcake banners (download my first pdf here!)
-and cupcakes of course!

how to:
-for each topper, punch/cut one photo and punch/cut two pieces of patterned paper.
-adhere the photo to one piece of patterned paper and adhere it to the toothpick. Then adhere the second piece of patterned paper on the back, sandwiching the toothpick.
-cut out a cupcake banner, fold in half and adhere around the toothpick.
-insert into a beautiful cupcake and ta-da!

don't forget to email me to get your spot at the valentine's mini sessions, and stay tuned for more fun valentine's projects, along with more fun download-able pdfs! happy friday!

xo, carly

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Debbie said...

Fun ideas Carly....Thanks! This will be fun!! Good luck with your new venture!!!