Friday, February 5, 2010

friday creative: love edition #5

valentine's day is getting close and i'm really excited because i really do love this holiday! i hope you all are taking the time to shower the people you love with love (and photos and maybe a bit of sugar). and if you haven't started your valentines yet, today's project is for you! and there are 2 pdfs to help you get them done (see supplies).

-valentines (find them here) or make your own, sized 3.5x8.75.
-envelope template (find it here)
-embroidery floss
-paper trimmer (with a scoring tool)

how to:
-let's start with the valentine...print out and cut. next trim your photo to fit, 2.75x2.75 and adhere. easy right?
-for the envelope, print out and cut around the outside edges. score the inside lines and fold envelope together (with printed lines on the inside) but do not adhere yet.
-before adhering envelope together, let's make the hearts closure (a super cute idea from miss martha). hand cut hearts or use the extras from the valentine pdf. poke two small holes through the heart and the envelope, sewing on, one heart on the top flap and one on the right flap. secure with a double knot on the back.
-after hearts are stitched on, adhere envelope (remember to leave top flap open).
-insert valentine and close envelope by wrapping a 10-inch length of floss in a figure-eight motion around the hearts.

happy friday!
xo, carly

p.s. this envelope is sized to fit in a business envelope so you can mail to your sweeties!


Tammy T said...

Good gosh Carly! These are the cutest thing ever! Love the different size...and of course your model is the best!


Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

So very, very cute! :)

alissa said...

i love them, miss carly!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the PDF's! :)

So cute, Carly!!!!


Heidi Fay