Friday, February 26, 2010

friday creative

hi everyone! i know i've been a bad blogger lately but i've been super busy. i so look forward to checking in with you all on fridays and i promise to really catch up with you soon. in the meantime today's project is an adorable idea from the new flea market style magazine and when i found it, i just had to create one immediately! flea market style creator ki nassauer has a whole fantastic article with the super creative sara smith and jane hall on what to do with old books and this handmade accordion file just has me smitten!

-old book
-craft knife
-photos & notes

how to:
-trim off the covers of your book, making sure to leave enough so that it will stay together.
-fold each page into the center of the book, all going the same direction.
-once all your pages are folded you will have a cool accordion "file" to display photos and cute bits.

happy friday!
xo, carly


Tammy T said...

Shut up! You made one already?! It looks amazing! I still can't find one of the mags and I've looked everywhere...wah!


Tammy T said...

Weeee! I finally found the magazine. Now to see if I can be as crafty as you!


alissa said...

i got this mag this week, too.
i am in love.
your book file is cool!
must make one.