Friday, March 26, 2010

friday creative

while hunting for fun vintage things, tammy t and i came across these old communion trays. perhaps it was because they were old & silver (two things that always get my attention), or maybe it was just because there was a big 'ol stack, but they called out to us...

-vintage communion trays (look for them at thrift & antique stores or maybe even my booth at the farm chicks show...wink, wink)
-photo (make sure the print is large enough to cut into a circle that fits your tray, i used a 12x12)
-adhesive (i used glue dots for the photo and quick grip for my sand dollar)

how to:
-trace around smallest part of tray on back side of photo and cut out.
-sand edges of photo lightly if desired.
-adhere photo into back of tray.
-arrange memorabilia along tray ledge as desired and then adhere with strong adhesive like quick grip.

check out some other ideas...
an easter basket

place the cup holder in upside down, cover with crinkle (we used old book crnkle) and then the cup holder helps hold the eggs in place.

serving tray
bring your sweetie breakfast in bed!
happy friday!
xo, carly

1 comment:

Tammy T said...

Oh my GOSH! These turned out SO cute! Love it as a tray! Love your Easter basket! Went looking for some softer blue color and will have to make some...the stores in town suffer! And hello, your napkin ring...another product?