Friday, April 2, 2010

friday creative

so today's friday creative is inspired by a new skill i'm attempting to acquire, sewing! so far my sewing skills are terrible but i figure at least my studio can reflect my interest. makes sense right? plus i saw one of today's adorable ideas here on junkfest's blog and i happened to have a vintage skirt marker waiting for some attention...thanks junkfest!

-vintage pattern
-vintage skirt marker

frame how to:
-cut cardstock to fit your frame.
-take a piece of the vintage pattern and lay over cardstock, leaving enough to fold over and adhere on back.
-add photo and put in frame.
-easy right?

skirt marker how to:
-if you thought the frame was simple...just adjust the skirt marker to the desired height and then adhere the photo to the back of the skirt marker (glue dots are great for this) and then adhere the front of the skirt marker to the photo.

and because i was having fun in my studio (i like organizing), i also made book page & pattern cones and put them in a vintage cruet castor. then i filled the cones with some of my crafty goodies.

happy friday!
xo, carly

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p.p.s. that's my cute mama in the picture with my sweet ellie! (she's going to hate that but i think she looks beautiful!)


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Tammy T said...
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