Friday, April 9, 2010

friday creative

so today's project is one of my first sewing projects and i'm so proud! really all i had to do was sew in a straight line but still, i actually used my sewing machine unsupervised! i had a lot of fun making my little (well big) frame and in fact i'm thinking about making more...
-grosgrain ribbon
-crocheted ribbon
-sewing machine
-staple gun
-assorted clips

how to:
-start by painting your frame and setting it aside to dry. when it's dry, sand it as desired.
-cut your grosgrain ribbon in lengths twice as long as the width of your frame. for example, my frame is 24 inches wide so i cut my ribbon 48 inches long (that way you have even ribbon to ruffle).
-next i stitched 3 rows of basting stitches close to each other along the top of the left edge of each piece of ribbon, making sure to leave a thread tail on each row of stitching.
-then take the top thread/bobbin thread and pull very gently to gather the ribbon into a ruffle.
-when you have all your ruffles made, hand or machine stitch your crocheted ribbon on top.
-place your ribbon in your frame, pull to edge and staple securely.
-now you get to make fun clips! cover clothespins with patterned paper, gluestick and sandpaper works great for this. add old bingo pieces and buttons to paperclips with strong liquid adhesive like quick grip. be creative and have fun!
happy friday!
xo, carly


Tammy T said...

Great one Carly! Looks like all your work was worth it!

tammy t

kimee said...

such a fun idea lady. love it! i also love the new banner.