Friday, April 16, 2010

friday creative

today is DIY photo canvas day in honor of treasury of memories' spring open house! a little note...treasury's open house is tonight but you can still RSVP and local ladies, you totally want to go because there are going to be great kits and specials on canvas! learn more here! ok, on to the photo canvas...why make it yourself? it's super easy and about a quarter (or less) of the price. and the best part, it's a beautiful way to display your photos!


-strong liquid adhesive (i like quick grip)
-sand paper (optional)
-paper trimmer

how to:
-trim photo if necessary to fit canvas and sand edges if desired.
-clean canvas with a damp cloth and let dry. (or if you want painted edges, paint and let dry.)
-on the back side of photo, place a thin line of adhesive close to the edge.
-place photo on canvas and press down, making sure to get a good "seal".
-now display your beautiful new canvas on the wall, on a shelf or tray. if your canvas is thick enough, it will stand by itself and if not, just lean it gently on other photo decor items (like a jar or frame).

happy friday!
xo, carly

p.s. stay tuned for one more spring mini sessions sneak peek tomorrow!

p.p.s. can you tell my little pup ellie is the object of all my maternal attention right now? she's my baby!

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