Friday, July 9, 2010

friday creative: kids photo crafts #2

this week we are making hand-painted clipboard photo frames. they are great for kids rooms because they can easily change out the photos themselves and making them is super fun! and painting can keep your kiddos happy for hours! my official "testers" kate and sam actually each had 2 versions of their clipboards. they painted, let dry and painted over the first designs for their final versions. and didn't they turn out awesome? supplies:
-acrylic paint
-paint brushes
-fine sandpaper
-painters tape (optional)
-heavy gauge wire (optional)

how to:
-lightly sand clipboard and then clean off with a damp cloth. this will help paint adhere to the surface and might be a good task for adult helpers.
-if desired, tape off metal clip with painters tape. and if you really want to get tricky, place a piece of heavy gauge wire through the clip and bend in half to keep clip open and make clipboard easier to paint. both tasks are great for adult helpers.
-paint clipboard as desired and just have fun!!!
-when done painting, set aside to dry completely.
-hang where desired and add photo!

for something a little different, try spraying a clipboard with chalkboard paint, decorating with chalk and adding a photo! great for younger kiddos (once an adult helper has painted it) and also makes a super gift!happy friday!
xo, carly

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alissa said...

great idea, lady!
so cute.