Friday, August 13, 2010

friday creative

today's project is very deconstructed, very shabby and very carly! it makes a great shelf or table top display, a lampshade display...
-sandpaper (optional)
-paint (optional)

how to:
-strip fabric from lampshade, exposing the metal frame.
-sand for more distressed look if desired. or apply a light coat acrylic paint if desired.
-then all you have to do is clip your photos and memorabilia to your lampshade frame. ta-da!
-in case you're wondering, i gave my lampshade a quick coat of light cream paint and topped it with my new m ball.

happy friday!
xo, carly


Tammy T said...

Love this so much! Love, love, love! Glad you have been creative again miss carly!


alissa said...

i LOVE it, too!
now i know what to do with those lampshades i was throwing out with the hideous lamps! LOL!
thanks, friend!

Retreat said...

very cute! we did some similar lampshades with yellowed old flash cards and manilla paper stencil letters clipped to them last fall - the gal who bought them added fallen leaves and made them even better!