Friday, August 20, 2010

friday creative

have you been seeing vintage rackets everywhere? me too! i've seen some of the cutest home decor projects, like 3 or 4 vintage rackets lined up over beds over sofas as art pieces and of course i wanted to add a photo! so today's friday creative is a mini bulletin board on a vintage tennis racket! supplies:
-vintage tennis racket (you can actually purchase today's sample racket in our carly tee design shop or look for them at estate sales and in antique stores)
-clip (we used a little paperclip with a button glued to the top)

how to:
-just clip your photo to your racket and hang it on the wall!

my cute friend kelly has a fun blog about her sewing creations & life as a denver foodie (she's adorable and a very cute writer, you should check it out) and she does this fun feature where she asks "need a bigger helping?" so here's a "bigger helping" about using vintage rackets for home decor projects...

diy vintage tennis racket mirrors courtesy of apartment therapy & country living

happy friday!
xo, carly

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