Saturday, August 14, 2010

mini studio tour

just wanted to share a little peek of my studio today. my desk is perpetually piled with papers and there are boxes to ship out sitting on my floor so it's just a mini tour today of one of my favorite things, my chalkboard shelves!
of course i have cameras, most of which came from my grandpa's collection. then i have some numbers and letters because i, like many of you, am obsessed with type. i also have a vintage hanger with my favorite photo of my handsome hubby. the hanger is a past friday creative that has really won a spot in my heart and on my wall...a lot of them don't last because i'm fickle and i like to change things around often. here are a few more details...
here's one of the carly tee designs wire photo stands. i just added a little vintage bottlecap magnet and one of the only wedding photos i like.
here is a vintage jar filled with some game pieces and a origami crane that a busker made for me last june while i was at the farm chicks show. he said it would bring me good fortune. he actually made one for each kelly, tammy & i and it was such a great memory and sweet gift that i had to preserve it.
and here is the first framed metal clip strip we ever made! it's always going to be mine because it has lots of sentimental value. right now i'm using it for my studio inspiration board.
thanks for taking the mini tour. hope you're having a great saturday!
xo, carly

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Kelly said...

I've always loved your chalkboard shelves. And I love how you write inspirational quotes on them.