Friday, September 24, 2010

friday creative

have you seen all the cute beverage labels popping up at craft & party supply stores? well i love them (especially the martha ones!) and i thought it would be the perfect crafty thing to add a photo to! so today's friday creative is a bottle photo label and i've made a pdf to go with it!
-bottled beverage like wine or sparkling cider
-photo labels, my design or some of your own (find my pdf here)
-adhesive (like double-sided tape)
-paper trimmer

how to:
-print labels on plain paper or sticker paper. if using sticker paper, make sure it's white and i personally recommend avery brand.
-cut apart and adhere to bottle.
-adhere a photo on top of label, (a wallet-ish sized photo works nicely).
-give as a little gift to someone you like!

happy friday!
xo, carly

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Love this! I have made wine bottle labels before, but never thought to add a picture!