Friday, October 29, 2010

friday creative

ok, i know it's not even quite halloween yet but there are just TONS of holiday ideas that i want to share with you and with the holiday market coming, i'm totally in the spirit! it's just time to get started! today's project is a fun idea from miss martha stewart and i just couldn't resist it, cookie cutter photo ornaments!
-cookies cutter
-liquid adhesive

how to:
-trace cookie cutter on the back side of photo and cut out.
-dab a small amount of liquid adhesive along the edge of the cookie cutter and then press it to your photo, aligning the edges.
-attach ribbon two ways, either before adhering photo or thread a narrow ribbon through a needle and carefully push between the photo and ornament.
-ta-da! won't these make great little stocking stuffers and gifts?

xo, carly


kimee said...

okay, this is super cute. i think i'm going to have to make some. cute photo choice by the way!

Tamara said...

i LOVE this idea! makes me seriously regret not buying cookie cutters at garage sales this summer....