Tuesday, October 19, 2010

more sneak peeks...

here's a little sneak peek for the desmet family. we had fun running around hovander park one evening (and we were running, trying to catch the light before it got dark). thanks for being so cute & sweet and running around with me desmet family!
xo, carly


Anonymous said...

love the sweet picture of the momma and pappa cuddled up together!

:) so sweet!


Chrystie said...

Thanks Carly!! Great job!! I can't wait to see the rest!! :) We had a great time! Sorry we were late. Looks like you were able to get work w/the light! I can't believe how it got dark on us so early that day! I love what you posted! :)

Tammy T said...

These are so wonderful! Love the one of the parents looking lovie!

tammy t