Friday, November 19, 2010

friday creative

today's friday creative is a cute little project i saw in sunset magazine a million years ago and i'm so happy i finally made them! they are little photo ornaments made from favor tins.
-small tins with glass lids (you can get them here)
-circle punch (a size to fit inside tin lid or pencil to trace & scissors)
-grosgrain ribbon
-embroidery thread & needle
-double-sided tape
-light-weight acid free paper (like scrapbooking paper)
-jingle bells & decorative ribbon
how to:
-punch circles from your photos. or if you don't have a coordinating punch (i didn't), trace around the bottom of your tin (not the lid). cut out with scissors, staying just inside the traced line. clean your tin lid if necessary and place your circle inside your tin lid.
-crumple up some of the light-weight acid free paper and use it to fill the tin. this will help hold your photo against the lid.
-next cut your ribbon to fit around the outside of the closed tin and fold in half. use the needle and thread to pierce near the fold fold to make a hanger. tie embroidery thread but don't knot if possible, you want it to lay as flat as it can under the ribbon.
-run strip of double-sided tape around tin and press ribbon, with embroidery thread hanger on top, around tin.
-the first tin will feel a little awkward but after that you can make bunches of these little cutie pie ornaments! they will make sweet little additions to your tree and they'd make great gifts too!

happy friday!
xo, carly

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Tammy T said...

So super cute! So is your puppy!

tammy t