Thursday, March 24, 2011

sneak peek...

here is a sneak peek for my sweet friend tammy t! we took these on a terribly cold day after the most hysterical mexican lunch ever. it was a blast even if i couldn't feel my fingers after!i love you thiele family and miss you tons! thanks for being such wonderful models.

xo, carly


alissa said...

Love them all!
that thiel family is so cute and, so fun!
Miss you!
Xo, a

Unknown said...

GOD this family is just. so. freaking. adorable. it helps that they have the oh-so-talented carly to capture them!

i LOVE the thiele's, and i LOVE me some carly!!


Anonymous said...

Carly, these are so flippin' cute! I love the chalk hearts on the brick wall! So creative! Cute fam + talented photographer = GENIUS!