Friday, April 29, 2011

friday crave

welcome to a new feature here at the carly tee photography blog, friday crave! it's a fun opportunity for me to share things i think are awesome. most fridays will still be friday creatives but every once in a while i will sneak in a little show & tell like today...

today i'm loving the new (a still only available for preorder) polaroid gl10 mobile printer. this cutie pie mini printer does 3x4 prints or (and this is the kicker) classic polaroid-style prints! and it prints in less than a minute with no ink to refill because it's all about the special paper! cool right? i must have one!here's a pic...

and here's a link in case you want to know more.

hope you're having a happy friday!

xo, carly


Anonymous said...

that is REALLY really REALLY cool! :) thanks for sharing Miss Carly! Bham misses you!


Kelly said...

Cute feature idea. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

I want one too, i am resisting pre ordering it!!