Friday, April 8, 2011

friday creative

today's project is a fun twist on your everyday scrapbook and was inspired by my awesomely creative friend alissa, if you haven't checked out her blog yet, it's a fun one! it's a vintage book scrapbook! i made this one for my photos and memorabilia from last year's farm chicks show (gotta get it all scrapbooked before this year's show).

here's the outside, just a normal book...

and open it up all ready for page protectors, photos, tickets, postcards and more!


-vintage book like a dictionary or encyclopedia (make sure it is large enough to hold the things you want to put inside)

-3 ring binder mechanism

-2 book pages to "wallpaper" inside covers if desired

-strip of kraft wrapping paper to "wallpaper" book middle

-favorite adhesive (i recommend glue stick)

-rivets & tool

how to:

-remove the insides of your book carefully, so as not to damage the cover.

-if "wallpapering"/covering the inside covers with paper, choose decorative paper or 2 book pages from the book insides and adhere to the cover.

-for the middle of the inside spine, cut a piece of kraft wrap and adhere to book.

-let adhesive dry.

-place binder mechanism in desired place & mark with a pencil.

-drill holes and rivet into place.

-ta-da! now just add page protectors, photos and memorabilia!

happy friday!

xo, carly

1 comment:

alissa said...

you are so sweet, carly t. :)
i love the book page idea to cover the insides!
miss you! :(