Friday, May 6, 2011

friday creative

would you believe i'm still working on finding spots for things in our new place? sometimes i just stare at an object or spot and wait for the answer to come to me...and sometimes it does! like this little typewriter dilemma. i love vintage typewriters, so much that i have 4 of them, but they haven't found a spot. so i was super pleased to put 1 under my new shelves on top of some suitcases, with a photo!
-vintage typewriter
-8x10 photo

-adhesive (like double-sided tape)
-2 wooden skewers to support photo

how to:
-if photo is a lightweight print, adhere cardstock to back.
-place photo in typewriter as desired.

-trim skewers if necessary and place behind photo to keep photo upright.

-do you love it as much as i do?! 1 typewriter down, 3 to find spots for!

happy friday!
xo, carly

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