Friday, July 1, 2011

friday creative

today's project started as a display from last weekend's wonderful retreat vintage market and became a fun permanent display for the skeleton key ornament! the ornaments are great to hang on walls (especially in groups of 3), are adorable as gift tags and of course are cute on trees but now we have a fun way to display them tabletop or on a shelf. supplies:
-large frame (like an 8x10)
-cardboard cut to fit inside frame
-burlap cut to fit inside frame
-your favorite wet adhesive (i recommend gluestick)
-decorative straight pin
-skeleton key ornament (find them in the carly tee design shop)
-small photo (like a 3.5x5 or wallet size)

how to:
-adhere burlap to cardboard and put under some heavy books to dry.
-when burlap-covered cardboard is dry, place inside frame.
-hang skeleton key with a pin and place photo inside key (the bottom of key has been repurposed to included a photo holder).

happy friday!
xo, carly

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Tammy T said...

I love this frame so much....may garage sale this wekened so that Steve can spray paint one to make one!

tammy t