Friday, July 22, 2011

friday creative

today's project is little something i've been working on for my studio, an inspiration board & photo display made from a vintage drying rack! i came across this totally cute idea while flipping through a magazine a few months ago (please help me if you know which one because i can't remember), and then when i found a vintage drying rack at the retreat vintage market from sweet fellow vendor, hello again, i had to do this! ok, i'll be honest, i had to ask my wonderful husband to help me mount the delicate vintage rack to the wall without destroying it. he added a support bar to the top and secured it to the wall with screws (into studs). and we also trimmed the legs a bit too.

once the vintage rack was hanging from the wall, i started to use it to display photos and other bits of paper inspiration with vintage hangers, extra large clips and clothespins. so fun!
happy friday!
xo, carly


tnt521 said...

It turned otu wonderful! And I think it may have been a Country Living mag. I know I ran across it recently. Love your styling of course!

tammy t

Tamara said...

i LOVE this idea and will now be on the hunt for one of those drying racks of my own..... and have i told you lately that i miss you? lots?