Friday, September 2, 2011

hello again

hello everyone,

i know it's been a while and i hope you've had a good summer. honestly, i'm so pleased to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. my summer has been hard and i know i don't usually share too much about my personal life on this blog so i'll just say i've been more than a bit under the weather, dealing with some illness and some chronic pain. and then we also lost my grandmother in august.

and here's where i get on my photographer's soap box, after my grandmother's passing there was one photo i wanted to find. i knew i didn't have the negative and i had been meaning to archive it properly and frame it for a long time but...i left it in a box somewhere. well i thought i left in a box somewhere, unfortunately i cannot find it anywhere and it breaks my heart a little bit. so here's my soap box bit, archive your important photos. make digitally copies, backup your digital copies, frame a copy and put it someplace it can make you happy everyday, take more photos, have your photos taken and tell the people you love that you love them EVERYDAY.

ok, i've said my peace.

anyway, i have a feeling fall is going to be lovely. much better than summer, so stay tuned.

xo, carly


Chrystie said...

Carly sorry to hear your summer hasn't been the best. It really was a weird summer overall. The weather just never became summer weather & our summer was nothing like our typical summers either. Let's hope for a better Fall! I love Fall!! It's my fave season! Can't wait for picking apples & pumpkin chai latte! Hope your Fall is better then your Summer! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Carly.... This post was sweet. Thanks for the reminder of how important looove is!


Kelly said...

Love you Lady. Thinking about you and glad you are back. I too am ready for fall. Fall makes all things better - cozy. Love you.