Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a new project...

i made my first batch of cookies when i was 8, peanut butter with a few burned fingers. the recipe came from this adorable book, well not this exact one because that one still resides in my mom's kitchen. this book i picked up at one of my favorite thrift shops.

it was quite a thrill to find the cookbook that started my love affair with baking and you know i already loved cookies!

in the spirit of julie & julia, i'm planning to bake my way through this cookbook, in no particular order and avoiding any cookies that don't sound fabulous to me of course! i'll try a new cookie recipe and then tell you, dear reader, all about it, because as it says in the book, "happy the home with the full cooky jar".

xo, carly

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heidifay said...

This is too cute! I love the little saying, I think it must be true. :) And, can I add that I love the spelling of "cooky"?