Thursday, August 23, 2012

funny little project...

have i mentioned i love pinterest? LOVE it! there are so many fabulous, wonderful and silly-good-fun project ideas that i'm collecting. during these last days of summer i'm trying to complete a few like this...

pool noodle boot stuffers

kinda hysterical yes? i found this funny little project on pinterest, it comes from here. to complete my pool noodle boot stuffers, i used an electric knife (great for turkey & pool noodles apparently) and there wasn't even a mess to clean up. super awesome!

before the cut

 and by the way, sorry about the terrible photos. it was soooo dark & cloudy today, which i actually loved. i wore a sweater, yay! bring on the fall weather!!!



Tammy T said...

Hysterical! And useful! Been waiting to see the crafty goodness you have been working on!


Tamara said...

um, GENIUS! i actually went to Dollar Tree yesterday and bought two noodles, pulled out my electric carving knife and made some "boot holders" for 3 of my 5 pairs of boots! guess it's back to the store for 2 more noodles!

Tammy T said...

So did this today! Used one noodle for two pairs of boots! I felt so handy with that turkey carver...and you are right, no mess!