Monday, August 13, 2012

pretty little hand pies

i love sweets...candy, chocolate, cupcakes, especially cookies, the list could go on...but i don't really care for pie. not sure what it is, the crust maybe. usually if i'm going to have sugary cooked fruit, i would choose a nice crisp. however i have been obsessed with the idea of cute little hand pies. maybe i like portable sugar. anyways...

saturday i came home from the farmer's market with a whole bunch of lovely blueberries, chandler variety, the lovely lady who sold them to me said. thanks to pinterest i found a blueberry-specific recipe from the super fun blog, camille styles, find it here.

i sugared a few and glazed most (for an extra sugar kick). they tasted fabulous, the crust was flaky and i do believe it lives up to camille styles' claim of world's best. you see how pale my pies are? anyone know why that might be?

well until i get it right, i'll be baking pretty little hand pies. i'll keep you posted and i'll get back to my sewing/t-shirt project soon.

xo, carly


Anonymous said...

Hi Carly - it looks like the little pies on the blog you reference had an egg wash applied before baking, which would give them a darker color. The egg wash can be an egg beaten with a bit of water or milk or cream, brushed on the pastry before baking and sprinkled with sugar for even more color.
I was a TOM customer - sure miss that store.

carlytee said...

Hi Kim!
Thanks for the suggestion! And I miss Treasury too. I always knew it was a special place but the longer I live without it, the more I realize it was really one of a kind.

xo, Carly

Tammy T said...

We find our gas range never seems to brown things like an oven should. Boo. They still look delish. And I love your take on "portable sugar!"


Anonymous said...

CARLY, these look amazing! :) So pretty! And way better than the ones you can get at McDonald's!

<3 heidifay