Monday, August 27, 2012

quick bread

thanks to the fabulous farmer's market there has been an abundance of plump little blueberries at our house this summer. so many in fact that i've been looking for new ways to prepare them. this recipe, blueberry oatmeal bread, from betty crocker turned out delish! it's a delicately sweet and super easy quick bread.



Anonymous said...

I froze my blueberries so I can use them in fun recipes like this throughout the year. My flash frozen berries are SO much better than the ones I pick up in the freezer section!

One of my favorite things to do with my blueberries is to make a grown up grilled cheese with melted brie, carmelized red onions and warm blueberries nestled between two pieces of toasty sourdough bread! Mmmmm!

Can't wait to try your recipe soon! Miss you!


Tammy T said...

Looks awesome lady!