Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a crush...

i have discovered the most beautiful food & photography blog, and while all you savvy people might already know, i'll share anyway, always with butter. julie marie, the creator of this amazing blog, has some awesome photography skills and her recipes look so heavenly! in fact, her recipe for blueberry cupcakes with honey buttercream looked so fabulous that i had to try it.

now this recipe involves first making blueberry preserves to top your cupcakes with, and i ask you, what kind of fool decides to make preserves for the first time just for a cupcake? well i just couldn't help myself! i didn't do too badly, though my preserves cooked a bit too long and came out a little more like jelly. and next time i will take julie marie's suggestion to add less sugar because my beautiful farmer's market blueberries were already so sweet!
preserves in progress

naked cupcakes



Tammy T said...

Oh my gosh Carly! Those look delish! Only wish I lived closer so that I could be your taste tester!


heidifay said...

Mmmm... Your photos are beautiful and these cupcakes look AMAZING! You better have a long list of treats that you're going to be bringing us next month! :)Just teasing...Seeing you is enough of a treat!