Tuesday, September 25, 2012


i've been a little behind on the blogging lately and i realized that i never shared our trip to montana.

my husband has family in montana and i think most of his fondest childhood memories come from his summer trips to visit them. this was only my second trip and here's what i think about montana so far...the people are really nice; you have to do a lot of driving (wide open spaces); and so much beautiful scenery, which in my case is a mixed blessing because nature is not my friend. i'm allergic to every tree & grass indigenous to washington state and i'm sure if they tested me for montana trees & grasses, the results would not be favorable. i was muddling through my allergy sniffles like a champ when i received a little bug bite that turned into a massively swollen and bruised ankle, seriously it hurt to walk. you would have thought it was a bite from a radioactive, comic book bug. and in that case, i want super powers and not just a swollen ankle. but anyways, i majorly digress...

i'm not a nature photographer. i feel like these are a little incomplete without my family but my montana loved ones are camera shy. the photos that would really have captured this trip for me would have been my husband laughing with his aunt, his aunt and grandma playfully bickering and all of us sitting around a dinner table. next time, and until then i have these...



Tammy T said...

Carly these are really lovely. And the back story had me laughing (at you? with you?) and smiling thinking of your man with his extended family! Picturing you in wide open Montana is almost a comedy waiting to happen!


heidifay said...

Love your photos! We go to Montana almost every year and I am a firm believer that it is one of the most beautiful, natural places in the world! I hope you enjoyed the scenery and all that quality time with your hubbs! :)