Wednesday, October 17, 2012


something about this time of year makes me feel especially grateful. maybe it's because fall is my favorite season or maybe it's the impending holidays but whatever the reason i'm feeling pretty thankful for a lot of special things in my life these days.

halloween just kidding! well i do really love those fun size treats and we all know i love sugar but that's not the kind of thing i'm feeling grateful for.

my husband...yesterday my tire blew out while i was driving by myself on the freeway. i was upset & scared and my sweet husband drove 50 miles to put the spare tire on my car. then he took me for my favorite pumpkin pancakes and followed me home to make sure i was safe. pretty awesome guy right?

these sweet girls (& their wonderful parents)...they are such good friends to shaun & i. they invite us to do fun things (like the swan trail pumpkin farm), they make us laugh a lot and they are willingly & gorgeous models.

and i'm just so grateful for everything fall! the cold & sunny days and the blustery, rainy ones too. the pumpkin muffins, tea, candles, bread...basically anything pumpkin but especially the pumpkin pie bagels at panera (oh my goodness!). hot drinks, cuddly blankets, scary movie nights...i could go on but i'll stop.  

hope your life is full of good things too!


p.s. i just have to say there is one thing i don't feel grateful for, corn mazes. see tammy t's blog for her take on our experience...find it here.

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Tammy T said...

You are the sweetest! That was a fun day...but you are right, no more corn mazes!