Thursday, November 8, 2012

fabulous baker

there are many great things about being a part of the team at ellen hutson llc but an unexpected perk is meeting susan. susan is a sweet friend of ellen's & the team, who always brings amazing treats! i've been lucky enough to have many of susan's delicious treats (red velvet cakepops...mmm) but recently she brought us confetti cookies with pb chips & mini reese's pieces. they were so good that i HAD to make more for myself.

mine were definitely not as good as susan's. i substituted all butter for 1/2 shortening and that was a big mistake. my cookies were missing the delightful soft & roundness of susan's. check out the recipe here, try it soon and follow it exactly!

check out susan's blog for lots of other awesome recipes, my mother's apron strings.


p.s. i've heard susan is also a very, very talented papercrafter too!

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