Saturday, January 5, 2013

a word for 2013

in my pursuit of creativity in the new year, i'm super excited to be taking ali edwards one little word class. i love ali's tradition of choosing a word for the year to focus on each day. and while i have chosen a word the past few years, i haven't had an accompanying project to really help me live my word on a daily basis. so i'm SUPER excited!

and right now my FAVORITE girls at decorating your life are doing a super cute weekend vinyl deal where you can get your word of the year in 5 styles, to use on various projects! super cuteness!


p.s. i'm not a paid sponsor of either product, i'm just excited about both and wanted to share!!!

1 comment:

heidifay said...

You are the sweetest! Thanks for sharing the vinyl deal! It was pretty fun and we love-love-LOVED seeing the great words that everyone picked for 2013!

What word are you choosing for 2013, Miss Carly?