Sunday, January 13, 2013

my 1st ruffle cake

so i made my first ruffle cake, yay! what do you think?

what? you say it looks a bit lopsided? well spotted. it was in fact a leaning tower of cake for a bit, with lemon filling pouring out the sides while i was trying to get the crumb coat on. i had to call my mom (who is a master cake decorator) for help. a call which wasn't shameful in itself except i was making the cake for her birthday. kinda sad to ask someone to help make their own cake but she is the best decorator i know! 

my master decorator helped me save my leaning tower with 3 skewers into the cake, an extra thick crumb coat of frosting and a deep chill for hours to keep it for from falling over. why you ask? well best i can figure in hindsight it was because i can follow some instructions to the letter, like "cream butter and sugar for 10 minutes" but not others like "cool cake completely before assembling layers"...oops!

so despite the cake almost falling off the cake plate (and looking more like stairs than layers when you cut a piece...haha), the ruffle technique is fairly easy to do but as you can see from the pictures, i will need quite a lot of practice to refine it. my cake was a mound of messy, messy ruffles. it did however taste delicious, vanilla cake, lemon filling and cream cheese buttercream!

i'm looking forward to the next try...


p.s. i used martha's tutorial found here.


alissa said...

it's beautiful! :)
and, i'm sure it was delicious.

Tammy T said...

This looks gorgeous and I am sure your momma was proud! You are such a talent friend!