Tuesday, January 1, 2013

projects for 2013

i have to say that i'm happy to see 2012 go. perhaps with a little more distance and perspective, i will realize that it wasn't so bad and that it was just the last bit that was sad. the holidays were quite hard on my family, we lost my grandmother right before Christmas and received some terrible news that isn't mine to share here.

so you can understand why i'm excited to start fresh in 2013. more than ever i feel the need to be creative, to make something pretty in my studio and in the kitchen. i've started a list of creative to dos for the new year. here's my list so far:

-"all you need is love" canvas: i've been wanting to make this forever! well perhaps a few months short of forever but i've had a picture saved on my desktop longer than i've have had a pinterest account!


-ruffle cake: i've also been longing to learn the lovely ruffle piping technique. it's just so pretty! i usually make cupcakes but the ruffles make me want to bake full-size cakes.

martha stewart

-throw pillows: we have a brand new sofa in need a sassy collection of throw pillows and i have a few in mind including this adorable one...

-ottoman: and speaking of our new couch, there is a partly redone ottoman in the garage waiting for my attention. when it's finished, it will look something like this one...


-peplum t-shirt restyle: i'm still working on my sewing skills so square things like pillows and restyling premade things are right up my alley!

-soft pretzels: when we first got married and my cooking skills weren't quite as impressive as they are now (i mean they were awful!), i tried my hand a few different soft pretzel recipes...all failures. but this is the year i will figure it out.

so 2013, let's do this!

xo, carly


Deanna said...

My husband makes some amazing soft pretzels and he says it's all in the flour you use. Hope that helps!

Tammy T said...

So glad to see you back lovely lady! Sorry about all the sadness lately. Hope that 2013 treats you better!


heidifay said...

I love your project list... I think some vinyl could definitely come in handy for the canvas project! And I know someone who would love to help you...
Oh, and call me when you make the pretzels, we'll have a date! ;)

alissa said...

i'm so happy to see you back on the blog, pretty. :)
i'm so sorry about the sadness of 2012. i just know 2013 will be amazing for you!