Tuesday, January 29, 2013

stenciled pillow

i did it! i get to check a second thing off my 2013 list of creative projects because i've made my stenciled pillow, yay!

with this adorable idea from wit & whistle, i collected my supplies:
-a canvas corp 14x14 pillow cover (purchased from ellen hutson llc)
-a stencil (i used this one)
-a fabric marker (i used a marvy fine brush point)
-a pencil
-a white eraser
-a piece of cardboard big enough to fit inside the pillow cover

i followed wit & whistle's wonderful tutorial, putting cardboard inside my pillow cover to keep it flat and keep the ink from bleeding through. then i traced out my song lyrics (just what i needed by the cars) in pencil to perfect the spacing. i messed up a bunch on the first few letters and used my eraser to start over. i also used painter's tape to keep my lines straight. then i traced over my pencil lines with my fabric marker ( still using the stencil), then removed the stencil and filled in my letters. the marvy website said my fabric was ready to go when the the ink dried, no need to heat set, so i washed my pillow cover to get all the pencil marks out...and some of the marker went with it. but now it has a cool, slightly distressed look. AND i heat set it so it is safe to wash in the future.



Holly said...

I love how it turned out! Totally inspired to try this now.

Unknown said...

love it! it looks amazing!

Tammy T said...

Oh my the second pillow yours?! I love The Cars! And I love the pillows! Nice job lady!


heidifay said...

What?!?!? So cute! Yours turned out just as good as the original (and I find that doesn't happen often enough in real life!)

PS... Sorry I have been a bad blog follower, I got out of my routine and it's taken me a while to pick back up! xoxo