Tuesday, March 26, 2013

beautiful kate

in the weeks, months and years i guess...has it really been 2 years already...since we relocated for my sweet, wonderful husband to go back to school, i have taken a break from photography. a break from my business. and sometimes even a break from my beloved camera. there are some months i take more photos with my smart phone. a little sad but true.

so recently i was honored and overjoyed to be the photographer for my sweet friend tammy t's daughter kate. we had a long session to celebrate her upcoming 16th birthday. kate has always been one of my favorite models (along with her wonderful sister sam). i can't believe she is turning 16 and i can't believe how she just gets more & more beautiful. here are just a few of my favorite photos from the day:

i love you kate.


Unknown said...

my mom started crying these are absolutly gorgeous. I was just having a bad day and was super depressed and to see these just made my day. No. scratch that, my week. <33333 love these

Unknown said...

That's amazing I love the pictures they look outstanding!!

Tammy T said...

These are absolutely wonderful. You are a dream talent...I am crying with happiness over them! Thank you so much!


heidifay said...

Turned out great, but of course I knew they would! You have such a talent for bringing out the natural beauty in people.

miss you,