Monday, March 4, 2013

etsy treasuries

as a little girl i used to organize my crayons & markers by color for fun. everyone did that right? and then when i achieved a driver's license i started shopping for fun and then organizing my closet by color.
since joining the world of etsy in the fall i've found a another snappy new past time, creating etsy treasuries. in case you don't know, an  etsy treasury is "an ever-changing, member curated gallery". i think it's my love of color coordinating, organizing and SHOPPING that makes creating etsy treasuries so super cool!
here's a bit of my etsy window shopping so far...
i can clearly see how this new hobby might get me into some trouble but i'm also finding some really spectacular stuff!


Tammy T said...

So pretty...and it looks like it easily could turn into trouble!


heidifay said...

Etsy is a dangerous place for anyone who loves unique and handmade items! Your collections look gorgeous, the minted one makes my heart happy!