Tuesday, May 7, 2013

an observer

my earliest memory of my grandpa chris is vague, just an image of him quietly observing a family gathering with a camera around his neck. of course i'm not sure when this memory might be from because i suspect it's a compilation of many holidays, birthdays and family dinners. my grandpa was always the quiet observer, documenting the day's events. and he always had his camera. he never asked anyone to smile or say "cheese!", he just quietly captured moments. and every once in a while he stopped to tell a funny story or poke well-deserved fun at a silly family member in his gravely voice.

we celebrated my grandpa's 87th birthday not too long ago. after losing my grandma this past winter it was more than nice to see him smile. he told a few funny stories and teased a few family members. in fact he told my mom he was allergic to strawberries when she had baked him a super-special-old-family-recipe-strawberry-birthday-cake, but he couldn't contain his laughter for long. mostly however he observed, even without his camera. 

the "torch" has been passed and now it's my turn to carry around my camera, trying to document the special moments with my family but i don't think i captured this moment, this beautiful shot of my grandpa, i think he might have given it to me. 


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Tammy T said...

This is a beautiful photo and memory you captured friend! I love it.