Saturday, June 1, 2013

100 miles before summer

these days a lot of my sentences start with the phrase "so i saw this fun thing on instagram...", which my husband must just love but at least it's a change from my old standby, "i saw this adorable thing on pinterest..."

so anyways i saw this fun thing on instagram about walking or running 100 miles before summer. anyone who knows me is going to be surprised that something about fitness caught my eye, i am a pretty hardcore couch potato but i guess i was looking for a challenge. so two cute fitness trainers are challenging everyone to walk or run 100 miles before summer. luckily for me summer comes a bit later in the pacific northwest so i still have time. i have walked 18 miles so far and while i have many miles to go, i am headed in the right direction.



Kelly said...

Proud of you Lady!! Go Carly go! When you are in town, we will go on a walk. :)

Tammy T said...

So impressed lady! Go Carly!