Sunday, September 29, 2013

the promise of fall

i started this blog a few years ago as part of my photography business, a way to share photos and news with clients and maybe just a tidbit of personal news here and there. but after closing my photography business to make a big move so my husband could go back to school, i have constantly struggled with how much to share here. and when life is difficult, blogging is the first activity to get dropped off the to do list.

so as you can guess by the lack of recent activity here on the blog, it was a long and pretty sucky summer. as you know, i didn't blog, i also didn't go to the farmer's market, make pickles or jam. i didn't cook or bake or do anything very fun. i just hibernated. it was a sad summer, our family suffered two losses to cancer. and i have been dealing with some chronic physical pain, just enough to make life really inconvenient. i don't want to be whiny or bore you with all the gruesome details, i just want to be authentic. it's not been pretty around here.

i'm happy to see summer go. it's rainy and stormy here today and i love it. i'm ready to make soup, bake cookies and craft. fall promises to be better. and i really need better.



Tammy T said...

Love you friend and can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


Unknown said...

Thanks for being authentic friend. I agree with the promise of fall. It brings forth all the things I (and you) love. Hugs.