Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a little halloween magic

i love halloween! love it! which is why i started decorating a week ago. this is the little display in my studio (please forgive the terrible lighting, it's fall here, it's raining and if i wait for natural light it might be spring).

the labels on the bottles and jars are from this adorable etsy shop, magic pug. aren't they fantastic? i made the black flowers from just plain old tissue paper, but i found this rust & sunshine tutorial helpful. and i made little book paper cones for my vintage cruet set. to make them sturdy enough to hold treats, i gave them a coat of mod podge inside and out.

i have a few more crafty halloween projects in mind so this studio display might be ever-changing or i might look for other "empty" spaces around the house that could use some halloween magic.

happy halloween season!

p.s. want to see a super cute halloween display, check out my best buddy tammy t's on her new blog, here.

1 comment:

Tammy T said...

Looks amazing lady! Spooky and elegant!